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What are the fees for a recommendation?
What are the fees for a recommendation?
Updated over a week ago

There is no fee to receive a recommendation of a portfolio. There is, however, a fee associated with executing a recommended plan described more fully below. If you’re a Public Premium member, you’re exempt from paying these fees.

If you choose to invest in a recommended portfolio through an investment plan, there is a small fee. Unlike many other brokerages, we don't participate in payment for order flow. To help offset the cost of routing your Investment Plan orders directly to the exchanges, we charge a nominal fee based on the number of assets in your Investment Plan.

  • 1-3 Symbols: $0.49

  • 4-10 Symbols: $0.99

  • 11-20 Symbols: $1.99

If you edit your recommended plan to add cryptocurrency, Bakkt charges a fee to execute the recurring cryptocurrency purchases in your Plan.

For more details or further questions, see our complete fee schedulehere, see our Investment Recommendations Disclosure, or contact our member support team via in-app chat or email at

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