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What are the fees for Investment Plans?
What are the fees for Investment Plans?
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Unlike many other brokerages, we don't participate in payment for order flow. To help offset the cost of routing your Investment Plan orders directly to the exchanges, we charge a small transaction fee.

Are there fees for adding stocks or ETFs to an Investment Plan?

Public routes orders directly to exchanges and does not receive any payment for order flow revenue. However, placing trades in the stock market is not without cost. To cover the expenses associated with each transaction, we charge a nominal fee based on the number of assets in your Investment Plan.

1-3 Symbols: $0.49

4-10 Symbols: $0.99

11-20 Symbols: $1.99

If you’re a Public Premium member, you’re exempt from paying these fees. See our fee schedule.

Are there fees for adding crypto to an Investment Plan?

For Plans containing crypto, Apex Crypto charges a fee to execute the recurring cryptocurrency purchases in your Plan. That fee is 1.25% of the total cryptocurrency order amount, which covers the costs associated with facilitating crypto transactions and storage. Public Crypto, LLC (“Public Crypto”) receives a portion of the revenue generated by Apex Crypto in exchange for licensing our software to Apex Crypto.

For more details or further questions, see our complete fee schedule here or please contact our member support team via in-app chat or email at

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