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What are Investment Plans?
What are Investment Plans?
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Automate your investing strategy with an Investment Plan. Choose from our marketplace of Plans based on your investing goals and risk tolerance, or create your own custom mix of assets. Personalize any Plan to meet your needs. Then, set an investing frequency, and contribute to your Plan on a recurring basis.

Customize your Plan

Build your own unique Plan by choosing up to 20 different assets, including stocks, ETFs and crypto. Or, explore our marketplace of Plans made up of stocks and ETFs, ranging from different core asset allocations to specific industry and thematic trends. Choose a Plan that’s right for you and customize it to meet your investment needs.

Automate your investments

You decide how much and how often you want to invest in your Investment Plan. Choose between daily, weekly, biweekly, or monthly frequencies.

How to create a Plan:

  1. Select a custom mix of assets to start your recurring buy or choose a Plan from our marketplace

  2. Edit the Plan to meet your investing strategy by adjusting assets and allocations

  3. Select the amount and frequency you’d like to invest

  4. Create your Plan, automatically executing and scheduling your orders

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