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How do I get started with an Investment Plan?
How do I get started with an Investment Plan?
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In the images below, we will walk you through the step-by-step process for finding and creating an Investment Plan. All images shown are for illustrative purposes only.

Getting started begins on your portfolio home screen or from an individual asset page.

On your portfolio page, the first bottom tab once you open your app, scroll to the bottom of the screen, passing Treasury Account and your portfolio and watchlist assets. Tap on ‘Get started’ under Investment Plans.

On asset pages for stocks, ETFs, and cryptos, you will also see the ‘Trade’ button. Tap on the ‘Trade’ button, and then tap on the ‘Recurring Buy’ button.

If this is your first time visiting Investment Plans, this will bring up a short overview of the feature. If you want to skip over this, tap the X on the top right.

You will then see an empty Investment Plan, which you can add assets to by tapping the ‘Add asset’ button. You can add stocks, ETFs, or cryptos to your plan by selecting from your Portfolio or Watchlist, or searching by the asset’s name or ticker.

After selecting your assets, you can choose the amount and frequency of your recurring purchase. If you select $50 and weekly, your plan will execute each week on the same day for a $50 total purchase.

If you have more than one asset in your plan, you can then choose your plan’s allocation. In the example above, if I have two symbols in my Plan, and I set Symbol 1 to 60% and Symbol 2 to 40%, my plan will purchase $30 of Symbol 1 and $20 of Symbol 2 each week.

You will then get to the final screen where you can review your plan, including your frequency, start date, amount, and payment method before submitting your plan. The only payment method available for Investment Plans is from your bank account - we do not offer debit or credit cards for this feature.

Select the dollar amount for your investment, tap next.

After tapping ‘Confirm’, your plan is officially created, and your first trade will execute on the next market day, or whatever date your selected.

Once your plan is live, you will be able to see your Plan(s) under the ‘Investment Plan’ section of your Portfolio. When each trade is executed, you will also see them in your order history, under completed.

For further questions please contact our member support team via in-app chat or email at

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