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Deposit Timeline and Settlement
Updated over a week ago

How long does a deposit take to process?

After you initiate a deposit into Public, it can take up to one business day for the deposit to begin processing. Once it begins processing, the deposit will be fully processed and settled after 6 business days (effective 5/28/24: deposits will be on a 3-business day hold).

If you make more than $55,000 deposits within six business days, funds deposited above $55,000 will be subject to a 6-business day settlement time.

This is only true for deposits made from a linked bank account. Funds deposited via wire or debit card process within one business day.

I received the funds in my account, why can’t I move them to my HYCA or back to my bank account?

When you initiate a deposit into your Public account, you may see the funds in your account right away. This is because Public will often provide instant buying power for your deposit, allowing you to use the funds for purchases before the deposit is settled.

Buying power is granted in good faith that your funds will come through when your deposit processes. Buying power may be granted instantly, or within 3 business days of making the deposit. You can read more about buying power here.

Although you may have buying power in your account from your recent deposit, the funds from the deposit cannot be transferred between accounts until the deposit is settled.

What is settlement?

Settlement is when we consider funds to be fully processed and available in your account. There are various settlement periods for deposits, sold assets, and rewards. You can learn more about settlement times here.

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