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Why can't I withdraw, and what are unsettled funds?
Why can't I withdraw, and what are unsettled funds?
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Understanding Unsettled Funds

Unsettled Funds are any funds in your account that are still being processed. These funds could be from a Deposit, a Sell Order, or Free Slices of Stock. Once the funds have settled, you will see the balance available for withdrawal. If you would like information on how to withdraw, you can find that here.

When Will My Funds Settle?

Pending Deposits:

After a deposit begins processing, there is a 3-business day hold. This allows time for the deposit to process fully. A deposit typically begins processing the business day after the deposit was initiated. Please note: that weekends and holidays do not count as business days.

If you make more than $55,000 deposits within six business days, funds deposited above $55,000 will be subject to a 6-business day settlement time.

For Example:

If you were to deposit on Friday evening after business hours, the deposit would not process until Monday, and the 6 business day hold would begin on Tuesday.

Sold Stock:

Funds from sold stock take one full business day to settle before they can be withdrawn.

For Example: If you were to sell stock on Friday, the trade would settle on Monday.

Funds From Fractional Share Rewards:

Each fractional share has a 90-day holding period before it can be withdrawn.

While we don’t have any way of speeding up these settlement periods, we’re always here to help in the app Chat or via email at

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