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How do you make investment plan recommendations?
How do you make investment plan recommendations?
Updated over a week ago

Public offers the ability to receive a recommended investment plan.

To make a recommendation, we ask you a series of questions and analyze the answers you’ve provided to us. You answer these questions in two places: first, during account creation, when we ask you about your age, net worth, liquid investments, yearly income, and investment experience among other questions, and second, during the Investment Plan Recommendation flow, when you tell us about your investing goals, investing timeline, and risk preferences.

Next, our proprietary algorithms analyze the information you provided to generate an individualized Recommendation for you, including specific ETFs and a recommended allocation of each ETF within the overall Plan.

For additional details, please see our Investment Recommendations Disclosure. For more details or further questions, please contact our member support team via in-app chat or email at

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