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Why did my limit order not fill?
Why did my limit order not fill?
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Apex Order Not Filling? How Dividends May Impact Your Order

Perhaps you have placed a limit order for a certain price, but after achieving that price or lower, you notice the order didn't fill. Why is this the case?

The dividend payment may have caused the order not to fill. When there is a dividend, Apex Clearing will adjust the order to account for it. However, this adjustment won't show inside the app, so your order may look like it still has the same parameters, but it has actually changed. As a result, your order may not activate at the price you'd expect.

Why does this happen? After a stock goes ex-dividend, the share price typically drops by the amount of the dividend paid to reflect the fact that new shareholders are not entitled to that payment.

What should you do if you have an order like this? The best course of action to take is to cancel the order and re-enter it with an updated price. This will ensure that your order is set up correctly and the order will fill according to your current price and parameters. For further assistance with order fill inquiries, our Member Support team can help, please reach out via in-app chat or email at

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