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Market vs. Limit orders for Options
Market vs. Limit orders for Options
Updated over a week ago

Public offers both market and limit orders for Options trading.

Limit orders

A limit order will only be executed if Option contracts are available at or better than your set limit price. For buys, a limit order will only execute at your limit price or lower; whereas for sells, at your limit price or higher. Orders will be executed if the limit price is reached within the next 90 days, as long the contract has not expired and/or you have not canceled the limit order.

It’s important to remember that limit orders aren’t guaranteed so there is a chance that they never execute and/or may take a long time to fill.

Market orders

A market order will execute at the market’s current best available price.

In certain instances of low liquidity or high volatility, Public will limit Options trading to limit orders only to ensure fair-priced execution for our members.

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