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I need to connect to Mint.
I need to connect to Mint.
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You should be able to sync up with our clearing firm, Apex Clearing. You can find them in the Mint app by searching for Apex. You must have an account with Apex, which you can create from their website: You will need your brokerage account number (Apex ID) to create your account. You can find your Apex ID directly in the app:

To find your brokerage account number on the app:

  • Select the 3 lines in the top left

  • Look at the Account Details in the top corner

  • You will see your account number under your username

Once you have created your account on Apex, you can use your login credentials for Apex on the Mint app.

Just to let you know: you will not be able to view any crypto, treasuries, or alternative assets on Mint, as Apex does not handle these assets.

If you need something else, please let us know!

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