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Your new brokerage will be able to provide you with the necessary steps to transfer your account, and how to initiate the transfer.

To find your Public account statements:

  1. Select the icon with 3 lines on it in the top left corner

  2. Scroll down and select Account Settings in the bottom left

  3. Scroll down to the Documents section and select Account Statements

A few notes:

Our clearing firm, Apex, charges a $75 fee for outgoing transfers.

If you need it, the DTC code for our clearing firm (Apex Clearing) is 0158.

If you are requesting a full brokerage transfer to another firm, your Public account will automatically be closed as part of that process by our clearing firm.

Depending on your other brokerage, any fractional shares may be liquidated and only whole share amounts may transfer. Please contact your other brokerage for more info here.

If you hold cryptocurrency, please note it is not transferrable via ACATS transfers.

We offer cryptocurrency through our partnership with Apex Crypto and at this time, wallets are not available, therefore transferring crypto to and from your Public account via this method is not yet possible. If you opt for a full transfer, any crypto positions will need to be liquidated by you prior to electing a full outgoing transfer. The proceeds will then show up as cash in your new account.

In order to preserve your cryptocurrency, we suggest transferring as a partial outgoing transfer. Then your Public account will remain open and you can continue to access and hold the cryptocurrency positions you have with Public.

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