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Are there fees to invest in crypto?
Are there fees to invest in crypto?
Updated over a week ago

When you submit an order to buy or sell cryptocurrency on your Bakkt Crypto account using the Public app, that order is sent to Bakkt Crypto for execution.

Bakkt Crypto charges a transparent fee per trade according to the value of the
order, as shown in the below table:

Minimum Order

Amount ($)

Maximum Order

Amount ($)

Max Transaction Fee





















1.25% of order amount

Trades that occur through a recurring investment plan also receive the lowest
rate of 1.25% of the value of the order.

● Member order to buy $75 BTC will be charged $1.69 as a transaction fee
● Member order to sell $2,500 BTC will be charged $31.25 as a transaction
fee (1.25% * $2,500)
● Member has a weekly recurring BTC $25 purchase will be charged $0.31
as a transaction fee for each weekly purchase (1.25% * $25)

If you ever have questions, you can reach Member Support through the chat in the app or at

To trade cryptocurrency via the Public mobile app or website, you must first open an account with Bakkt Crypto. All cryptocurrency account, trading, and custody services are provided to you by Bakkt Crypto.

Cryptocurrency services on Public are provided by Bakkt Crypto Solutions, LLC (“Bakkt Crypto”). Your cryptocurrency assets are held in your Bakkt Crypto account, and Bakkt Crypto handles your cryptocurrency orders. Bakkt Crypto is a licensed virtual currency business by the New York State Department of Financial Services and a licensed money transmitter. Bakkt Crypto is not a registered broker-dealer or a FINRA member. Your Bakkt Crypto account is separate from your brokerage account with Open to the Public Investing (“Public Investing”), which holds US-listed stocks and ETFs. Public Investing is a registered broker-dealer and FINRA member, and is not affiliated with Bakkt Crypto.

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