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How do buyouts work for potential buyers of alternative assets on Public?
How do buyouts work for potential buyers of alternative assets on Public?
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  1. Anyone can submit a buyout offer for an alternative asset on Public:

  • To submit a buyout offer, please email our team at In your email, please provide us with your full name, the asset you’re interested in purchasing and your offered purchase price.

  • Once we receive a buyout offer, our team will run an FMV (Fair Market Value) analysis based on recent sales (public and private), current market cap on Public, and expert opinions on pricing.

  • If we receive an offer to purchase the item at a significant premium, we may empower shareholders to vote on the offer.

  • Note: If we receive an offer below our calculated FMV, we will reject the Buyout Offer. There is also a high chance that our investors will reject an offer that is not at a significant premium.

2 Once we agree to bring a buyout offer to shareholders, we will reach out to the buyer to conduct the following:

  • Sign a purchase agreement; and

  • Wire funds to Public (which will be returned if the buyout offer is rejected).

3. From there, we will share the buyout offer publicly with our community.

  • Shareholders will have 72 hours to vote yes/no on the buyout offer.

  • At the same time, we will review any counter-offers made, should someone from inside or outside our community wish to offer a higher price.

  • If a higher offer is made, we will allow the offering parties to bid against one another until the last day:

  • First 48 Hours: We will accept counteroffers (to buy at a given price, not an auction bid).

  • Last Day: Only final and best offers will be accepted until the 5 pm EST cutoff.

  • Should this bidding result in a substantially higher “final” offer, we will communicate this increased offer to shareholders during the voting period.

4. If a Buyout Offer is accepted, our team will coordinate the following with the buyer:

  • Final invoice (which includes the shipping cost);

  • Shipping to the Buyer; and

  • Confirm receipt of the asset.

5. Enjoy your new asset!

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