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Does Public offer crypto wallets?
Does Public offer crypto wallets?

Not currently, but we will let you know if that changes.

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A cryptocurrency wallet stores the private keys or passwords that are used to access cryptocurrencies and make transactions. They can be anything from a mobile app to a hardware wallet, like a USB drive, or even a paper wallet.

Currently, Public does not offer individual cryptocurrency wallets. We provide cryptocurrency trading through Bakkt Crypto Solutions, LLC (formerly Apex Crypto). Your cryptocurrency is held in your Bakkt Crypto account, which you can access via Public.

As such, it is not possible to transfer your cryptocurrency assets into or out of Public, but we will let you know if that changes.

Where are the crypto assets I invest in on Public stored?

Crypto on Public is powered by Bakkt Crypto Solutions, LLC, which provides cryptocurrency execution and custody services. Public provides a place for members to buy, sell, and hold crypto. Currently, we do not provide a crypto wallet, but we understand that this is something that some of our members may want and are working toward this in the future.

So, where are the crypto assets you invest in on Public ultimately stored?

Bakkt Crypto Solutions, LLC partners with some of the biggest, most trusted wallet providers in the United States to ensure the safety and security of the crypto assets you invest in. These assets are stored in one or more omnibus-hosted wallets, which mean assets held by Public investors are stored alongside the assets held by other investors on the platform.

As a reminder, cryptocurrencies, on the whole, are not securities and are not FDIC or SIPC insured.

If you ever have questions, the team is always here for you, so feel free to give us a shout on the app’s Chat or via email at

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