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How do I choose my order type?
How do I choose my order type?

Public offers Market Orders, Limit Orders, and Stop Orders

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Whenever you place a trade, the default order type for equity investments is a
fractional or slice order executed for a specific dollar amount at the market

You can always change your order type to a full share Market Order, or to a
Limit or Stop Order if you'd like. Please note limit orders or stop orders can
be done only with whole share quantities

Choosing your order type in the app:

1. Select the Explore Icon in the middle of the bottom row of the app

2. Search for any stock by Ticker Symbol (ex: $AAPL) or Company Name (ex: Apple)

3. Select the blue Trade button in the bottom right

4. Choose the investment option you want (Market Buy, Full Shares, Limit or
Stop Order)

5. Select the three dots and update the order type to Limit or Stop Order.

Please note that, when you place a Limit or Stop order, the stock might not
reach your price. These order types can go unfulfilled and will be canceled if they are
not fulfilled within 90 days.

Limit orders must be placed in whole share increments.
All equity and options limit orders during regular market hours are placed as all-or-none
(AON) orders to ensure the avoidance of partial fills.

If you ever have questions, our team is here to help. We are always available at or in the app.

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