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What tax documents will I receive from Public?
What tax documents will I receive from Public?
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If you had a taxable event during the 2023 calendar year (for example, you sold stock, received a free referral stock, or dividends), you will receive a consolidated Form 1099 tax document from Apex Clearing, our clearing firm, which you can access via the Public app.

Just a heads-up: if proceeds from your dividends do not exceed $10, or if you did not sell stock during the 2023 tax year, you will not receive a tax document.

Stocks and Crypto

If you bought or sold crypto assets on Public in 2023, you will receive an annual crypto tax statement from Public's crypto trading partner Bakkt Crypto Solutions, LLC (formerly known as Apex Crypto). This tax statement provides details about your short-term and long-term gains and losses from cryptocurrency investments in 2023.

When filing your taxes, you will use this crypto tax statement to complete IRS form 8949.

You’ll receive an email from our clearing firm, Apex Clearing, when your 1099 forms are ready. All tax documents, including 1099 forms and crypto tax statements, will also be made available in the app. Please note that 2023 tax forms will be made available to Public members in February 2024.

Once your tax forms are available, you'll be able to access them in the Public app:

  1. Select the icon with 3 lines on it in the top left corner

  2. Scroll down and select Account Settings

  3. Scroll down to the Documents section

  4. Tap Tax Documents to access your 1099 forms

  5. Tap Crypto Statements to access your Annual Crypto Statement

You can also access your tax forms via Public for Web on your desktop browser.

  1. Select your Profile Icon in the top right corner

  2. Select Settings and Privacy from the dropdown menu

  3. Tap Documents

  4. You can find your 1099 forms under Tax Documents and your Annual Crypto Statement under Crypto Statements


If you received partnership income distributions, you will receive a Form K-1 from the partnership directly. Please note, Public and Apex do not produce these forms. If you have any inquiries regarding these forms, please reach out to the investor relations team for the partnership.

High-Yield Cash Account (HYCA)

If you received $10 or more in interest income in your high-yield cash account, you will receive a separate 1099-INT specifically for the HYCA.


If you bought and sold treasury bills in the 2023 calendar year, you will receive a 1099 tax statement under the following conditions:

- You will receive 1099-INT if you earned more than $10 in interest income

- You will receive 1099-B if you sold a treasury bill

Your treasury tax statement will be available in the treasury account, along with your statements and trade confirmations.

Alternative Investments

If you bought and sold alternative investments and Shrek Royalties in the 2023 calendar year, you will receive a 1099-DIV statement. These forms will be sent to you via email to the email address registered to your Public account.

If you have questions at all, the Member Support team is happy to help via in-app chat or via email at

None of these entities provide legal, tax, or accounting advice. You should consult your legal, tax, or financial advisors before making any financial decisions.

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