There are multiple ways to retrieve your 1099!

In the Public App:

  1. Select your Profile Icon 👤 in the top left corner

  2. Scroll down and select Account Settings ⚙️ in the bottom left

  3. Scroll down to Documents and select Tax Documents

On Apex Online

You can access your 1099 on the Apex Clearing website through the following steps.

  1. Go to the Apex Clearing website at

  2. Log in through the button in the top right.

  3. Once logged in, your tax form(s) are located under the ‘Documents’ dropdown in the top right hand corner of the website.

Through the Apex integration with TurboTax

  1. If you manage your taxes with TurboTax, you can easily import your Apex tax form(s) via a TurboTax integration with Apex.

  2. Please see the PDF linked here for instructions.

While Public does not offer tax advice and we always recommend doing your own research, we’re always happy to help via the app's Live Chat or via email at if you have any questions about retrieving those tax docs! 🤗

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