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What options are shown in Explore on the Options Hub?
What options are shown in Explore on the Options Hub?
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You can find ‘Explore’ in the Options Hub by tapping on the ‘Explore’ tab. Here you will be able to discover options that are relevant for your portfolio, to the Public community, or broader market. You can explore the most actively traded options contracted, filtered by volume or movement, and more.

How are contracts sorted?

On ‘Explore’, contracts are default sorted by the daily market trading volume since the previous market close. You can choose to change that and instead sort by top movers, showing the contracts with the highest daily percentage gain.

How can I filter what contracts are shown?

Similar to the expiration date tabs, you can look at all contracts for a specific equity. The only difference here is that instead of being arranged by expiration date and strike price, all contracts for that symbol are included and are sorted by volume.

You can also view contracts across multiple assets - looking at the top traded Options contracts for the equities in your portfolio, the top contracts for the most popular equities on Public, and the most popular option contracts overall by daily market volume. For the most popular oOption contracts overall, you can include or exclude ETFs. Top traded contracts are defined based on the highest daily market trading volume from Unusual Whales.

Are any contracts excluded?

There are a few scenarios where contracts are excluded from ‘Explore’:

  • Equities where Public does not allow opening Option positions

  • Companies with a market cap less than $850M

  • Option contracts expiring the same day

  • Option contracts with open interest of less than 200 contracts

Unlike the Expiration date tabs, the option contract price shown on ‘Explore’ is the last price, instead of the bid/ask.

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