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What statements does Public provide for non-US members?
What statements does Public provide for non-US members?
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Our trading and custody partner, Apex Clearing Corporation, gives non-US customers a 1042-S tax form annually if they’ve received a US source of income such as dividends.

Apex Clearing also provides a client statement that displays your activity and holdings of your US-stock portfolio for the month or quarterly period. This statement is available for you in the Public app.

Further, all customers may request a more detailed account statement upon request which will show an overview of their activities, gains, losses, dividends and such. If you’d like to get a copy of your account activity and transactions, please contact Member Support at

What statements does Public provide to UK members?

For UK-based members of Public, our clearing partner, Apex Clearing Corporation, will provide you with a 1042-S form annually, in March. Form 1042-S is the Foreign Person’s U.S. Source Income Subject to Withholding, and used to report amounts such as dividend income paid to foreign persons.

You will also receive a monthly statement or quarterly statement, based on when you have activity in your account. Both of these statements are available for you in the Document section of the Public app.

Separately, for UK-based members, Public will also be providing an annual consolidated statement via PDF with an overview of your account activity. This statement will be sent to you via email. This statement is commonly used by members who may need their account information to prepare their tax filings. This is made available on an annual basis, and also upon request.

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