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How can I fund my International Public account?
How can I fund my International Public account?
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Within the Public app, you will be able to fund your account by authorizing a deposit value directly from your bank account. You can enter the deposit value in your local currency and Public will give you the USD value plus any fees on the value. After you confirm this amount, you will be diverted to pick your local bank account to authorize your bank to send funds to your Public account.

Are other deposit methods available?

No, only payment initiation via a local bank account is available. Direct transfer and debit card deposits are not available.

If I have a US account or USD currency bank account can I deposit from that account?

No, as an international member you can only deposit from your local currency account. US banks will not be available on the app for international members.

What are the deposit and withdrawal methods, limits, and timings you support?

Transaction Type

Minimum (€/£)

Maximum (€/£)


Settlement Time


1 (this deposit may be subject to an initial minimum amount)

100,000 (However, it’s likely your bank will have limits much lower)

Local country method via Payment initiation transfer - SEPA instant/ SEPA SCT

SEPA instant- within minutes

SEPA SCT- up to 1 working day




Local country method - SEPA instant/SEPA SCT

SEPA instant- within minutes

SEPA SCT- up to 1 working day

Can I cancel my deposit?

Since deposits are processed in real-time, you will be unable to cancel a deposit that has been authorized via your bank, as it's likely already on its way.

For more information or for questions you may have regarding funding your International Public account, please contact our member support team via in-app chat or at

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