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What is Public Pulse?
What is Public Pulse?
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Pulse provides a new way for public companies to better serve retail investors.

Companies partner with us to share important and timely information with community members like you, making it easier for you to stay informed about the companies you invest in or are interested in learning more about. This comes to life through experiences like Town Hall Q&As, which give you the ability to ask questions directly to company leadership, live earnings call broadcasts, and access to announcements, investor presentations, and virtual events from companies that are relevant to you. Partner content is labeled in the app via “Presented by” tags.

Publicly-traded companies are also interested in improving their understanding of retail shareholders, so Pulse also offers aggregate and anonymized insights that are used to improve the way companies connect with retail shareholders. This includes optional surveys where you can give direct feedback to the companies you invest in.

Ultimately, Pulse creates an ongoing feedback loop to help retail investors and the companies they own interact more effectively.

Since the goal is helping companies better inform retail investors, Pulse is available to publicly traded companies and ETF issuers only. We do not work with hedge funds or other third-party market makers, in line with our ongoing commitment to putting investors first.

If you have any questions, please reach out to our experienced Member Support team at

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