We're excited to introduce Investing in Themes.

Now, when you view a Theme on the Public app, you will have the ability to invest in up to 5 stocks from that Theme, all at once.

How it works:

  1. Select the Explore Icon in the middle of the bottom row of the app

  2. Choose a Theme that you want to invest in

  3. Select the blue $ button in the bottom right corner

  4. Click Invest.

  5. Choose up to 5 stocks to split your investment across and click Next

  6. Choose the amount you want to invest (the Theme investing minimum is $100)

  7. Click the blue Next button in the bottom right

  8. Confirm the details, then click the blue Submit button in the bottom right

Some tips:

  • The minimum amount to Invest in a Theme is $100. If you don't have that amount in your Buying Power, you can choose Deposit instead of Invest from the Theme page.

  • Investing in a Theme will always go through as a Market Order. It is not possible to set Limit or Stop Orders for this feature.

  • Your investment will automatically be split evenly across the stocks you choose. If you want to adjust how your investment is spent, click "Investing evenly across" and choose what percentages of each stock to invest your total amount in.

If you ever have questions, Member Support is available by chat in the app or by email to support@public.com.

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