We’re on the mission to accelerate all people’s prosperity.

The stock market is one of the biggest drivers of prosperity in history. But the truth is, what’s supposed to be the public markets, are the markets for the few.

Wealth creation has been locked up behind private banks, expensive financial products and $1,000 stocks.

Public is the peoples' investment platform. Public opens the gates by making investing free, social and slicing stocks into tiny bits so everyone can afford to own a piece of any public company. No matter their wealth or which circles they run in.

With Public members can follow subject matter experts, trend-setters and friends to see their investments, discover new companies, and exchange ideas. We’ve also invented the technology to make the price per share irrelevant so you can invest in public companies for as little as $1. In addition to being able to buy slices of stocks we still offer the same amazing features including commission-free trading.

As always, your account is fully protected and insured by SIPC

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