Big news! Today, we’re ready to unveil the next evolution of Matador under a new name: “Public”. 


Public is all of the things you know and love about Matador, plus one super exciting addition: you can now buy any stock, for any amount of money. What do we mean? Let’s say 1 share of Google costs over a thousand dollars. Rather than investing a lot of money – or not investing at all – Public lets you invest in Google with just a few dollars by buying “slices” of a share.

Just slide and buy

Let’s enable everyone to be an investor.

With $1,000 stocks and expensive commissions, it’s hard to say that the public markets are truly accessible to the public, but we’re here to change that. By allowing you to buy “slices” of much larger stocks, we’re taking a giant leap forward in our mission to make the stock market accessible for everyone – with the added bonus of letting you invest in the companies you truly believe in, rather than just the companies whose stock you can afford.

Psst! Android is coming very soon.

Just stay on this email list to be the first to know when it launches.

We’re extremely grateful to have you as part of our community, so keep sending us your questions, comments, and ideas – you’re an important part of the team making Public the investing app and community you’ve always wanted.

Welcome to the new and improved Public, and happy investing: the public markets are finally open to the public.

– Team Public

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