Day-trading is an approach to stock market investing that involves short term transactions in the hopes of making money quickly. Day-traders are more “active” than other investors when it comes to the volume of transactions they make in a day. It used to be that only institutional investors were able to day-trade, but with the emergence of new trading platforms, it’s now available to the masses.

Public does not allow day-trading on our platform. You can read more about the policy here.

It is important to note that day-trading is just one small subset of investing in the stock market, and that day-trading and investing are usually not synonymous. In Public, 72% of our members are mostly, if not exclusively, long-term investors. Most members in our community say their goals are to build wealth over time, and less than 5 percent say they are “speculative” in their behavior in the stock market.

Longer-term investors tend to buy and hold stocks based on their convictions about a specific company, industry, or trend. We’ve built Public for this audience, and cater to it with features like Long-Term Portfolio and automated dividend reinvestments. When our members post updates to the feed, they are generally discussing their reasoning behind a buy or sell, or generally logic when it comes to their opinion about an investment strategy. We believe that these conversations, in aggregate, create tremendous opportunities for financial literacy. With members from diverse backgrounds and professional areas of expertise coming together, our community benefits from a range of ideas that can open their minds to new ways of thinking and new opportunities for investing.

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